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Interior designers and home décor companies often struggle with interior design marketing. CEO Fiona Mostyn offers digital marketing solutions to help them build their interior design businesses. With expertise in social media, blogging, public relations, and influencer marketing, Mostyn respects each professional’s uniqueness and views it as the foundation of modern marketing techniques. With experience in various sectors, including technology and banking, Mostyn merged her professional background with her passion for interior design. As an architectural rendering firm, Mostyn assists design professionals in producing promotional materials. Her interest in home décor and interior design began with her background in marketing and her passion for interior design.

Interior designers and home décor companies struggle to understand the nuances of interior design marketing. How do you start promoting a new company? How can you stand out from the competition and draw in more customers? When someone wants to advance in a field, problems like these and many more come up. The CEO of My Deco Marketing, Fiona Mostyn, is here to help interior designers build their businesses by offering digital marketing solutions.

Fiona Mostyn is a specialist in all of the modern interior design essentials, including social media, blogging, public relations, and influencer marketing. More significantly, she respects each professional’s uniqueness and manner. She views it as the foundation of modern marketing techniques.

Fiona has experience as a marketer in a variety of sectors, including technology, banking, and others. She has also always delighted in house improvements. In the end, she made the decision to merge her professional background with her passion for interior design. My Deco Marketing was established in this manner in Lewes, East Sussex, the United Kingdom.

One of the top social media marketing experts in the interior design and decorating sector today is Fiona Mostyn. Because we are an architectural rendering firm that assists many design professionals in producing promotional materials, we could not pass up this chance to learn about the designer’s digital marketing and social media presence. Don’t you want to pass up such a treat? Go on reading!

How did you initially develop an interest in home décor and interior design?

I’ve been working in marketing my entire life. I went to art school, but I started my career in technology before moving into financial services. Then, as opposed to my prior B2B employment, I worked part-time for businesses that were more lifestyle-oriented. It was incredibly helpful to me. I became aware that interior design and décor is a subject in which I would love to be more involved when remodeling my own homes.

What are the main benefits of My Deco Marketing’s services for interior designers, please?

Although there are many marketing firms accessible, it is usually advisable to work with one that focuses on your sector. Our thorough knowledge of the processes designers use to build relationships with clients and consumers. We can effectively transform their marketing and technology plans into campaigns that link them with their ideal customers thanks to this expertise. Additionally, our clients appreciate that we can help them form profitable alliances with other business partners in the field.

Which digital marketing platforms need interior designers to pay the most attention?

In this case, I always advise going backward. Prior to developing a strategy to approach them through those channels, you must ascertain where your target customer spends time online. Creating your own online identity through a website and blog is crucial. Make sure you’re visible on Google because 99 percent of people utilize it to find what they’re looking for.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest should also be used by interior designers. They will help you network in your neighborhood and with potential customers while also helping you to grow your profile. You may help yourself become known as an authority in your area or in the designer field by promoting your blog posts on social media.

Make sure you’re visible on Google because 99 percent of people utilize it to find what they’re looking for.

Do interior designers still need to use traditional marketing channels?

Brand recognition is always enhanced through magazine publication. A major interiors magazine’s endorsement of your business is quite impressive. Periodicals with a local focus will help you increase your local presence. Small elements like business cards, booklets, and postcards that were virtually forgotten during the previous year may improve your exposure and keep you in the thoughts of your potential clients while the globe recovers from the epidemic and is ready to reconnect.

What kind of content is now the most popular among designers’ followers on social media?

Social media is used by people to find inspiration, information, and enjoyment. The most popular accounts, in my opinion, continually add individuality to their postings. Uploading an endless number of photographs for your portfolio rapidly becomes unworkable. Instagram not only demands high-quality photos but also provides us the possibility to share much more about how designers work and what inspires them, as well as the potential to actually engage with their audience. Using behind-the-scenes material on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Stories, as well as going on camera and speaking with your audience directly, attracts a lot of attention.

Designers need to embrace social media’s usage of video.

Which interior design marketing trends are now popular?

Designers need to embrace social media’s usage of video. Currently, video is given preference as a format by all social media algorithms. Consider posting a lot of video content on Instagram – fun IGTV segments and educational IGTV interviews are great for your visibility. Design influencers often do this. Video has been shown to be quite successful on Pinterest.

What resources may be swiftly used to improve an interior design business?

In each venture, there is always a trade-off between devoting time and resources. I’m afraid there is no way to avoid spending money on high-quality images to develop a website and content that makes your company seem amazing. Although social media networks are free to use, it takes effort to build a following and establish a presence. Similar to blogging, SEO impacts might take time to become apparent but will boost your visibility. The website of your business will almost immediately receive targeted traffic if you invest in paid media.

Use 3D visualization for tasks involving interior design? Do you think their marketing strategies may benefit from using 3D images?

In fact, a number of our clients use believable 3D visualization for their interior design projects. It is a great investment since it gives their consumers the ability to make decisions with confidence. Visuals are frequently used in our marketing strategies. For instance, we present a project from beginning to conclusion in diaries. CGI may help potential clients understand the steps involved in working with the designer and how their remodeling project will move through each stage. We also utilize it on social media. A before-and-after photo of a room that looks exactly like the finished product may be a real scroll-stopper on Instagram.

Your individuality is a huge benefit in this field. Find your specialty and be genuine.

Can you give young interior designers pointers on how to stand out from more seasoned rivals?

Because no two interior designers are the same, I enjoy working with them. Your individuality is a huge benefit in this field. Find your specialty and be genuine. Make an effort to connect with your target consumer by thoroughly considering who they are. Also, remember that you will attract into your life that which you give out into the world. Start showcasing such properties on social media and your blog if you want to work on a certain kind of property, in a particular neighborhood, or with a particular kind of client so that others are aware that you can help them.

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