Designing Success: Michaela Moryskova’s Entrepreneurial Path as a Fashion Designer

Michaela Moryskova fashion designer

Michaela Moryskova, a multidimensional entrepreneur and fashion designer, has experience in various aspects of the fashion industry, including clothing lines, sales, and publishing. She founded SKOVA Soul in 2010 to create a successful line of accessories, including jewelry, shawls, scarves, and resort clothing. Later, she developed La Vie Boheme Yoga, a collection of yoga mats, towels, and sportswear inspired by her travels in Europe and South Africa. Michaela is currently working on a coffee table book showcasing yoga, fashion, and resorts from around the world. She shares her tips for thriving in Manhattan and shares her journey to start her own enterprises. Her inspiration comes from Robert Procop, who inspired her to build businesses and achieve goals.

Michaela Moryskova has worked in almost all facets of the fashion business, from creating several clothing lines to sales and publishing. The multidimensional entrepreneur and designer who launched SKOVA created stylish accessories that are regularly seen on celebrities and in prestigious fashion journals. The collection features unique jewelry, shawls, scarves, and resort clothing for the approaching Spring/Summer 2017 season. In order to create a successful line, Michaela launched SKOVA Soul, a division of SKOVA, in 2010. During this time, she gathered expertise in the sales side of the industry. SKOVA Soul uses Michaela’s SKOVA collections to entice women to start their own direct sales businesses. A few years later, Michaela made the decision to shift her attention to other artistic pursuits and started developing La Vie Boheme Yoga, her second collection of yoga mats, towels, and sportswear. Her varied designs, which are inspired by her experience living in Europe and South Africa, showcase her love of fashion, exploration, and yoga. She is presently working on a coffee table book that will showcase yoga, fashion, and resorts from all around the world. Michaela gives her best tips for thriving in Manhattan and describes what it took for her to start her own enterprises.

When did you initially decide that you wanted to start your own business or work as a fashion designer?

When I first started working in the fashion industry, I understood that modeling was just a stepping stone to my genuine interest, which is creating. As a consequence of my global modeling trips, I was motivated to join this artistic community that is home to so many diverse and fascinating cultures.

How did you establish yourself in the jewelry and fashion industries?

 A friend of mine An inspiration was Robert Procop.  I was enthralled by his life and amazed by his capacity to build businesses and carry out his goals.

What did you learn during your first internship, and where did it take place?

My first internship was with a rival in the jewelry business. When they offered me a position in design, I was modeling for them. I learned the foundations of jewelry creation through this experience. I took advantage of the chance and studied sculpture design and construction using priceless materials and stones and list of color schemes.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received from your most significant mentors in this field?

Robert Procop has been a fantastic mentor for me when it comes to turning ideas into something that can be used in my business. The fashion business has many facets and is full of peaks and valleys. You need to be incredibly imaginative, flexible, and ingenious in order to realize your goal. 

What did you do for your first job after college?

 My first job was with my modeling agency in Barcelona at the time.

What did you wear on your first interview for a job?

I remember putting on this bright, loose summer outfit because it reflected who I was.

What piece of advise would you offer yourself if you could go back in time to give yourself before beginning your career?

I’d tell myself to go for whatever it is that I’m passionate about, to try it out to see whether it works, and to never give up. I was unsure of myself when I first started out in my business, but I think that perseverance leads to confidence.

What guidance do you have for women who want to work in the creative sector?

A woman who wants to work in any field must do it with dedication, perseverance, the capacity for focus, and enthusiasm. You will succeed because of your positive outlook.

What role, in your opinion, does social media have in contemporary style?

Social networking, in my opinion, has changed the fashion business. Brands become aware of social media’s power and how much it drives online purchases. It helps brands create online operations that are more substantial than retail sales in storefronts. Consumers will eventually virtually solely purchase online, in my opinion. Rapid change is being seen in the terrain.

Michaela Moryskova fashion designer style in suitcases and purses

What worries you the most when you start all of these business ventures?

I jump into everything right now in my life without hesitation or excitement. Failure is not really a failure; rather, it is a chance for growth and learning in preparation for future endeavors. I can say with pride that I have had some business failures that didn’t go over well, but I never stopped learning and never let it affect who I am as a person. 

When creating a new design, where do you look for inspiration?

My life experiences, the locations I’ve been, and the people I’ve encountered along the way serve as my sources of inspiration. I eventually discovered and subsequently assimilated their culture and traditions. I joke that I am Anthony Bourdain of fashion. I encounter true cultural expression in everything I taste, see, and do. I spend time in marketplaces, go to less-than-glamorous locations, and spend days looking for regional traditions. I like getting to know the locals and discovering their culture. I’m naturally curious.

What aspect of being a designer do you like the most?

Traveling, then putting my ideas that were inspired by my travels into action.

How has yoga made a huge difference in your life?

It has given me equilibrium and stability. I am really energetic on the inside. Yoga helps me to unwind and improves my focus. 

What emotions do you hope ladies will have when wearing your jewelry?

Making ladies feel gorgeous and confident is my main objective while making accessories. I think that with distinctive designs, ladies may feel strong and can value and admire the cultural originality of the designs.

What part of starting many businesses in this sector is the most difficult?

It might be challenging to manage numerous expanding businesses since you must develop excellent management skills for each one. I like learning about and being involved in every facet of the company. I will be able to master anything I am unable to understand. Having made the original jewelry prototypes by hand, I am now an expert in photography, editing, graphics, jewelry design, back-end website design, blogging, e-commerce, distribution, sales, marketing, art directing, social media, etc. But you need to learn all of this information if you want to operate a profitable business. I’ve never stopped studying; it’s always gone on.

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